Metal Grids & Siding
Seamless steel siding experts. We commit to strict timelines and ensure customer satisfaction

Steel Framing
Experienced in Structural steel framing with strict quality assurance standards

The Taco Shop - Tortilleria - Hesperia, CA
- Total Structure Remodeling        - Parking Lot
- Interior / Exterior                        - Curb & Gutter

Louie's Body Shop - Victorville, CA
- Ground Up Construction        - Steel Frame with Steel Siding
- Parking Lot                            - Curb & Gutter

Desert Community Bank - 3 locations in California
Victorville, Hesperia, Phelan
- Parking Lot Maintenance- Asphalt Seal Coat

Arco Gas Stations & Car Wash - in Southern California
Victorville, Temecula, Irvine, San Bernardino, Palmdale, Moreno Valley, Rialto, Bonsall,
- Ground Up Construction        - Full Framing
- Drive-Through                       - Full Installation

Jim's Plaza Rubidoux - Riverside, CA
- Ground Up Construction        - Full Framing
- Foundation                            - Full Installation

Commercial Tennant Improvement - Corona, CA
- Complete Tennant Remodel      - Full Framing - Concrete Floors - Electrical Upgrade
- Glass Enclosed Offices - Full Installation - Bathrooms and Showers - Ceiling T-Bar and Duct Work

Commercial Building Projects

Parking Lots
Experts in Parking lots, Curbs & Gutters, Sidewalks, Walls, Street Lighting and Electrical Fixtures

Asphalt Paving
L.P.C. Inc. specializes in asphalt approaches, streets, pavement and parking lots

Remodeling and Roofing
We remodel homes including; kitchens, bathrooms, dens, family rooms, and bedrooms.
Our roofing experts are ready to give your house protection from the elements.

Commercial And Residential Contractors    ph: 760-956-4872

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